Tuesday, December 25, 2007

saikia is cryptic

Here's what The Hindu had to say about the Young Writers programme on the 14th at the India Habitat Centre.

The Asian Age did a story on it too, but for some reason the link to that isn't working, so here's a scan of the story someone sent me (click to enlarge).

Tejeshwar Singh passed away on 15 December. For many people he remains synonymous with Sage Publications (India). My first job in publishing was at Sage India. Mr Singh ("TS" to all of us who worked there) was an old-school publisher who as Sage India's MD built it up into one of India's most respected academic publishers. He had an imposing presence, and the one image I keep seeing is of him sitting behind his massive desk, a pencil held at a crook in his hand as he worked on a book's flap matter, his spectacles low on his nose, and a cigarette burning on the ashtray beside him. Here's an obituary on TS, and another. I had recently sent him a copy of my novel through a common acquaintance at work; I wonder if he had got around to reading it.

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