Tuesday, June 3, 2008

seven months later, or, what do i write about?

A blog post after 8 weeks. When my book had just come out i would post with some regularity. There seemed to be many things happening around the book. Now the blog seems to have fallen quiet. What do i write about? The book has made its way into the world and found a life of its own. I really don't have much to do with it now.

There were two reviews of Jet City Woman "back home" in April. One was in a column called "Delhi Dialogue" that Arunabh Borgohain does for the monthly Assamese magazine Jibon, published from Guwahati. The other was the already mentioned review by Patricia Mukhim in The Shillong Times. Both had nice things to say about the book. I hope it leads to more sales. Speaking of which, my publishers say the book should go into its second print run soon. However its June, and i'm still waiting for my royalty cheque from them. So much for being a debut author. This month should see reviews in The Pioneer and Biblio.

Apart from the reviews, random comments about Jet City Woman from unknown people on orkut and facebook, in my mail, and on my blog always come as a pleasant surprise. Its almost as if, seven months down the line, the book has grown up and walked away and can do without me now. Some of these comments come from people who have blogs too, like this one, and this one.

What do i write about? When it comes to writing, in general, i find that what works is waiting till there's something you want to say. If there's nothing you have to say, keep quiet. I will post again later this month though. So keep visiting.

A random photo. Fish market, Market No.1, C.R. Park, New Delhi. When people come to know where i stay (not in the fish market, but in Block A of C.R. Park), they almost always ask, "You must be eating a lot of fish?" The answer is, i don't.


Yours'Truly said...

I thought you have a terrific narration. I really liked your book. I could say that because I finished it at one go. Keep it up. By the way, did the protagonist marry Rebecca and lived happily everafter ? Did Naina ever call him from London ? The 4th part, Mr. Hall was exciting and extraordinary stuff. I lament not reading this book earlier. Better late than never, though. I have suggested it as a must read to my friends. Also I have added your book to orkut iRead application.Please continue writing exciting stuff.

Raza Rumi said...

Dear Ankush

Just stumbled on your blog after reading your review of Naipul's book. I saw your book at a Delhi bookshop when I was there last month but will definitely read it soon.

cheers, RR